Easy DIY dinosaur headdress tutorial

Fancy making a dinosaur themed carnival costume at home or school? Here is an easy tutorial to follow. There are different dinosaurs to choose from, so you can decide which one you prefer.

Prefer to download our booklet with full instructions and templates? Click the button below to download.

Download Instructions & Template Booklet


You will need

  • A4 paper (and preferably a printer)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Paint and paint brushes

Step 1 – Create your headdress base

The first step for all the designs is to create the headdress base. You can do this with two pieces of A4. Download and print out the template (the first two designs are the base pieces – the rest of the pages are dinosaur designs).

Download Dinosaur Headdress Templates

No printer? No problem – you can copy the shapes in the pictures below.


To put your base together you first take part 1, and stick one side of part 2 to it. Then measure around your head to stick the other end of part 2 to the other side of part 1. This forms a crown shape, where the top of heart shape will sit above your eyebrows.

You then take part 3 and part 4 and glue them to the inside of your crown shape, so that one of them crosses over the other to form a kind of top to your base like in the picture below.


Print out your dinosaur templates

If you haven’t already, print out your templates (pages 4-14 of the PDF download).

No printer? No problem! You can copy some of the designs below. You could even make up your own dinosaur. Remember that for each dinosaur you want a left part of the head and a right side view so you can stick them to either side of your headdress when you have painted them.


Paint or colour your dinosaur head

Noone really knows what colour dinosaurs were, but some paleontologists say that dinosaurs’ skin could have been all the colours of the rainbow – yellow, green, purple -even multi-coloured! So you can really get creative with your dinosaur and colour it however you like!


Cut out your pieces & glue them to your base

Once you have decorated your dinosaur heads, and any extras like volcano, trees or dino footprints, you can then set about gluing them to your headdress.


We hope you enjoy making these dinosaur headdresses! Now why not try making a dinosaur collar to go with it?