Celebrating the act of kindness

For EID our friends at Wo Raasta Community Group have created some wonderful coloring sheets celebrating the key messages of EID: Kindness, Charity and Friendship.

Kindness colouring 1.jpg
Kindness colouring 2.jpg
Kindness colouring 3.jpg

They are available here in a range of languages which are spoken in our town, so we can all celebrate these messages together as a community.

EID - Braille - Smile.JPG.jpg
EID - Arabic - Charity.JPG.jpg
EID - English - Charity.JPG.jpg
EID - Hungarian - Charity.JPG.jpg
EID - Urdu - Kindness.JPG.jpg
EID - Bangla - Friendship.JPG.jpg
EID - Romanian - Kindness.JPG.jpg
EID - Somali - Kindness.JPG.jpg
EID - Polish - Kindness.JPG.jpg
EID - Hungarian - Kindness.JPG.jpg